There can be a few reasons why SPAMfighter has not filtered your inbox or other folders in your E-mail program.
Remember that SPAMfighter can only guarantee to remove 90% of your spam mails. If you are receiving a filter rate around 90%, you can adjust the sensitivity of the SPAMfighter filter. Go to More -> Options -> Filter Settings. Here you can set the filter to a higher or lower level of sensitivity.
The guide is meants as a checklist to localize where the error lies, it is important that every point is reviewed
Under the entire test, and every time you use SPAMfighter, you should be connected to the Internet, as well as have a fully updated Outlook and SPAMfighter.

SPAMfighter can be updated here: 
And Outlook can be updated here:  

1. Accounts
For the time being, SPAMfighter supports POP3 accounts in:
*Outlook 2000(XP), 2002(XP), 2003, 2007
*Outlook Express
*Windows Mail (not to be confused with Windows LIVE Mail)
(Outlook 2000 and 2002 have problems working with Vista, hence SPAMfighter might not live up to its full potential. Remaining clients are fully supported)

You can configure your SPAMfighter to scan your inbox and other folders at the start up of Outlook.
Please follow this guide:
Go to: "More" -> "Options" -> "Client Settings" -> "Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007" -> "Open" under 'auto rescan' -> "Add" your folders -> Click on OK
This will not work with "Cached Exchange Mode" turned on in Outlook.

2. Message Rules
SPAMfighter does not automatically scan mails in the folders where you have added "message rules".
If you use message rules in Outlook / Express, SPAMfighter cannot remove the unwanted spam mails from the place the rules say to move the messages to.  The reason is, Outlook Express prioritizes message rules higher than SPAMfighters rules, and SPAMfighter can only scan for spam in your Inbox.  If you wish to clean the other folders, open Outlook Express and go to: More -> Clean Folder in the SPAMfighter toolbar.

3. Firewall
If SPAMfighter cannot communicate with our server, the filter will not work as SPAMfighter both must send and receive information to the SPAMfighter database. Therefore you must start by running this test/program:
You can get the program by clicking the following link: 
When you have gotten the program, double click on the program to start it.
When the program runs, you will quickly see that it will display "OK" or "Failed - when you have gotten one of these 2 messages, you can close the program down by clicking on the X in the right corner.

If it wrote "failed" you can figure out how you set up your firewall, so it can support SPAMfighter here: 
NOTE: Modems and ISDN users should be connected to the Internet before Outlook/Express is opened.   

4. SPAMfighter starts too late (Only Outlook Express and Windows Mail)
If SPAMfighter does not start up before your E-mail client, there will not be any spam filtered by SPAMfighter. Try therefore to remove this option from Outlook Express/Windows Mail by doing the following:
Go to: Tools -> Options -> General.
Remove the check mark by "Send and Receive messages at startup"

5. Conflicting programs - Other Anti-Spam solutions
If you have other Anti-Spam programs active, it will most likely disturb or completely interrupt SPAMfighter's performance. Such programs often come with Anti-Virus packages, such as McAfee, AVG, Eset's Nod32, Norton 360, Avast etc.
In most cases these can be disabled through the Anti-Virus' own control center. But sometimes the plugin itself needs to be disabled within Outlook.

Hope you have found the error, so we can get SPAMfighter to work