If you receive regular unwanted mails from someone, you can blacklist the sender or the whole domain.
Go to "More" -> "Blacklist" and choose email address or domain.

If you are wondering what the difference between "Block" and "Blacklist" is, here is the explanation:

When you block an email, that specific mail is reported to the SPAMfighter server and removed from the rest of the community. The senders email address is not stopped because spammers use random peoples email addresses, which means stopping a specific spammers email address is 100% useless.
If you receive several mails from the same email address and you want to stop it, you should use the blacklist function. One mans gold is another mans spam, and if the community approves a mail you see as spam, you can blacklist it from entering your inbox regardless what other people think.
Blacklisting an address is 100% local and will not remove it from the rest of the community.