Thank you for your e-mail.

Our pop-ups have different purpose, and are used to get in touch with our customers directly, in addition to e-mails, as the messages are targeted and user-defined.
For example, most of the pop-ups are service notifications for when a trail expires or if your product installation is not activated with a license key.
In other cases, we have some special promotions with discounts on our products, which allow you to buy a license with a unique discount that is not available anywhere else.

In our terms and conditions, license agreement and disclaimer, we have stated very clearly that if you have our software installed, you have agreed to receive news about our products, updates or information’s about SPAMfighter through e-mail and pop-ups, which cannot be unsubscribed. However, if you use a PRO version of our product, you will receive fewer e-mails and pop-ups.

Nevertheless, we would like our pop-ups and messages to be balanced at a limit so they do not bother you unnecessarily, and we are currently in the process of downsizing the amount of pop-ups that you receive, which you may notice soon.

I hope this explains our use of pop-ups and e-mails better.

Please let me know if you have more questions.